Salam Aidiladha


Tomorrow all Muslims over the world are celebrating hari raya aidiladha or commonly known as raya haji. This raya haji is celebrate every year on 10 Zulhijjah to remember the sacrifices made by Nabi Ibrahim A.S who is willing to sacrifice his own son Nabi Ismail AS. but this year I was not be able to celebrate Hari Raya with my beloved family. I was missing my family, who is far away in Malaysia. I can not get back to my hometown because I was preparing for examination. for the first time I celebrated the feast without the presence of my family and relatives. of course I feel very sad but this might be a sacrifice that I do on this glorious day. May I will receive the blessings from God. This sacrifice is not as great as sacrifices made by my parents in raising me. we should be thankful becoz we still have the chance to breathe in this glorious day. Alhamdulillah .. I hope I will have fun with my friends here. ooohh ... I feel like I  do not have the strength to hear TAKBIR tonight. mak,abah n adik2, i really mish u!

lots of luv n kisses from ur daughter, 
Griffindor House,
Hogwart School of Magic, London.

hahaa...aku perasan la plak.hua3...bajet la dok kt OVERSEA.kih2.. x leh bla ak stdy kt hogwart!haha..btw, camat ari raya ek sumer.sedih tau x dpt balik uma.pdn muka! abah sruh balek x nak.oohh abah..anak mu ini dewasa suda!hehe...nt kawin pn jaoh dr abah gak..(eh,tetbe lak). sok menu di pg rayer adlh soto.maklom la chef org jhr.hehe..ak pn jhr gak ape??! johorean 4 only 1 yr.hehe.. =) tetibe teringat sup daging abah n rendang mak =(

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